Friday, November 07, 2014

canada council art bank collection

On The Lake  Photographs, cotton, thread, satin, stitched, 40" x 20" 1989
I read about this panel discussion and exhibition in the newest Slate Magazine and it made me wonder about the status of my piece (shown above).  On The Lake was acquired by the Canada Council art bank when we still lived in Kenora, North western Ontario in 1990.

Being part of this important collection of Canadian contemporary art is something I have always been proud of, and it was quite interesting to visit the art bank's new website.   I found out that there are 3.000 artists represented in the Canada Council Art Bank and 17,000 pieces! New to the site is an excellent way to search the collection (here).  What it says about my piece - here.

Because this search says that On The Lake is 'unavailable' I emailed the art bank and found out that my art work has been rented out for several years to a client in Ottawa.  It's nice to know that.  The exhibition Art Bank Expose: A Selection of Artworks from the Canada Council Art Bank continues in Toronto until January 16 at First Canadian Place Gallery.


Judy Martin said...

rolls of real film
photos of sky and water
boat rides with the children
camping trips actually - on Lake of the Woods
cut into squares all the same size - and then used to arrange nine patches

leaving out the land
all those many islands -
leaving in only what is important

the big sky
the big water
the feeling we have of being so close
the feeling we have of being so big

Heather said...

I have a piece in the CC's Art Bank as well. It has always felt like a real honour, although I don't know if it has ever been out of the vault.

Judy Martin said...

Heather - go to the new website and do a search on it. You'll find out!

Yes, I feel that this is quite an honour. Some of Canada's best artists are included in the collection.

congratulations to you

jude said...

i love your words here judy. 9 as window into what is important.