Friday, October 24, 2014


We installed Not To Know But To Go On at the World of Threads Festival venue in Oakville Ontario this week.
This is the first time it has been hung from a ceiling.  A high ceiling.  The Festival booked us time with Dan, the gallery's certified operator of the scissor lift.
 It's so nice for me to experience the piece installed.  Much different than what is possible in my home studio.
In previous installations (example here) the 220 foot piece was wrapped around a rod suspended out from the wall.  This new installation is simpler - a little more casual perhaps. 
We also installed three of the four Manitoulin Circle Project panels.  I hope that the fourth panel will also go up.  We left it with the curators to decide. 
The World of Threads Festival opens on November 1 and remains open for the entire month of November.  Further information is in the sidebar of this blog.

Before we left, I was able to glimpse some of the other work being installed and was very much impressed and inspired.  The work is innovative and there is a lot of it. There is nothing quite like seeing textile art in person as photos can not do this tactile medium enough justice.  I really do encourage you to try to go if you are close enough.

I'll write more about some of the other artists represented once the show opens.


  1. Beautifully displayed. Esp love the image w you peeking across time and touch"

  2. Absolutely a-ma-zing !
    What a great installation Judy !
    (ahhhh would love to walk by and feel ....)

  3. Very nice installation - congrats! And it sounds like quite the textile fest - lucky Ontarians!

  4. o, judy, how wonderful. i wonder if i might manage to get over...

  5. just gorgeous. wish i could zip across the country & witness this in person.
    i really love this way of showing your work. it seems to be a lovely fit.
    i am inspired.

  6. A good way to hang it, imho - it has the rhythm of practice handwriting, and echoes the rhythm of the stitches.

  7. others could not see her as a whole person

    her art reveals her to the world and to herself

    in her roles as mother wife daughter

    she takes little bits of her whole self and gives them out here and there

  8. How i wish i could see this from nearby..........

  9. She is cradled in the loops of her work, a day in and day out process of noting her days, her thoughts, her place in the world...

  10. marti, you touched my heart

    thanks to all for beautiful comments about the installation of not to know but to go on

    so supportive

  11. Oh Judy...A terrific idea to exhibit both those projects...and 'Not to Know', hanging, is quite wonderful. Wish I too could be there to see...and gently touch as these pieces touch, even across the miles.

  12. What a great experience to see your work hanged with all this space over it!

  13. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Gorgeous. Just gorgeous installation.

    Do you know which building the Manitoulin panels are displayed in? I couldn't find them listed on the World of Threads website. I won't be able to visit each venue but I really want to see your work in person. Thanks Judy.

  14. Oh how I would love to see this in person! The installation looks beautiful. Are you ever amazed at the amount of work you have done? And all of it so gorgeous!

  15. Answers to two questions:

    1. The meditation panels and the stitch journal are both hanging in the corridor section of the Queen Elizabeth Park Centre. This is the MAIN exhibition place for the World Of Threads, and if you can only go to one building - go there. It is astounding how much good work is hanging in that humble but large building - and from all over the world.

    2. re: being amazed at how much work I have done. I rarely think about that. Rather, I think I might not have time to do all the work still left inside me.

    Thanks for all these supportive comments.


  16. It looks fabulous Judy.


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