Saturday, September 13, 2014

art can connect us to something that is lost

take my heart like a hand and its fingers, Judith e Martin stitched collage (detail), 2005
At times, I wonder what is worth posting about on this blog. 
What am I comfortable with showing?
My work is so large and slow that it seems to stand still when I post about the progress I make with it, day by day.  
And anyway, the blog is not my art.
This blog is just a journal.
It actually takes time away from my art.
Why then, do I carry on with it?
Newfoundland's northern tip, September 2014
I want my art to communicate who I am.
I also want my art to help my viewer access something unnameable within themselves.    
Artist Ann Hamilton believes that "art can connect us to something that is lost."   
By this, I think she means those ideas, dreams, and loved ones that we carry around inside us.

Maybe the blog writing helps me to connect with you in that way. 
Maybe it is my art.


  1. Thank you for persisting Judy. You speak for me for sure.

  2. Judy ~ I think you do this beautifully and do connect...just choosing this photo to pair with this quilt says so much. I think the quote speaks truth also. Like the art that connects to us, does so because it speaks to our authentic selves. I'm glad you journal online. I enjoy you and am touched by you.

  3. I like your blog, I think we connect not only through art, but place as well.

  4. The work stands on its own, each one of us connecting to it from our frame of life but the heart and thought behind the work, the intent or drive to create it, well that comes from the words shared by the artist. For me, words are not required but when they are given, it completes the connection and for continuing to give your words Judy, I thank you deeply.

  5. Hi Judy... I so look forward to your sharing. It connects us all in many ways... some you may not even know. The art, the world you see outside your door, the family and relationships, your studies and wise counsel and most importantly we see the "why". Thank you.

  6. I happened upon your blog last year and slowly paged back through to the very beginning, enjoying every quiet moment. This winter I may well start at the beginning and proceed to the present. I also live on an island, 12 miles off the coast of Maine, and seeing your work, reading about your process and and the snatches of poetry you include serve as an inspiration to me (different craft, but still...). Your blog is very important to me and I deeply appreciate that you continue it, even knowing it takes time and energy from your chosen work.

  7. I agree with the thoughts of those who commented before me. Our blogs = connections/connecting...even if it is via the inter pixies. If we're lucky, we get to meet in real life too and find that the connection is true and strong. Please don't doubt or stop.

  8. I came across this quote yesterday... love the question.

    "Why can’t our job here on earth be simply to inspire each other?" - Graham Joyce

    I look at art and blogs to be inspired, and I hope to inspire with my art and blog. I'm going to sit with that idea that art connects us to something that is lost... for me, art is an invitation to share stories beyond the limits of words, in the realm of the natural through color, texture, light and mystery - something like that.

  9. I'm really happy you do blog, otherwise we wouldn't be connected......

  10. i'm one of the people that quietly check each morning to see if you have added to your blog. i don't write regularly on my blog. i find it difficult to do and think that it isn't important to the world.
    but i do check yours and find it to be so thoughtful and loving. i really admire your work but think your life is so connected to it. i would love to meet and talk but this is the only way..
    just so you know we are out here..

  11. What Marti said - thank you for continuing to give your words....

    I hadn't thought of my words as a gift. But maybe they are.

    Lovely to hear from you all and feel so supported. Thank you.

  12. Your journal is so important for me. it connects me to art, now that I rarely see exhibitions or read art books.2

  13. Your work STANDS, it SPEAKS in it's
    own language and so just to show us,
    to share it with us this way is very
    but that you take the time to give
    your thoughts too, your love of
    the work of others that you present
    and then you share moments that make me
    feel that we have Hearts in Common...
    me, whose clothmaking is so plain
    compared to what you do...but that just our love of the Making connects us. This is a deep pleasure and source of
    determination to continue.
    The slow and steady stitching...this
    too. Because i also know slow and
    steady stitching.
    And then, for me, and i think others, who do not have access to galleries and exhibitions and other working artists, who work alone in their own small lives, your blog allows me to feel connected with a larger world.
    So your Art inspires me and informs me
    and your Presense here, in "talking
    to me" on this blog, Mentors me. I need that. and I Thank you so much for it all. Love, grace

  14. Judy, I think creating art and the distillation of that process through one's writing is crucial -- whether it is in your spare beautiful form that goes out into the world, or is something that never leaves the margin of a sketchbook. Choosing the right language is like choosing the right materials. You would take time to do the latter, and yes, writing well on a blog takes time away from the physical creating, but it is part of a skill set that must also be honed through the act of doing. Like the other people who commented before me regarding this, I too appreciate your words and many of them have become part of my own language. Thank you for your presence here.

  15. The complete quote by Ann Hamilton:

    "Joseph Beuys's thinking is on a heroic scale and based on a belief that society can be transformed through art. My ambitions are perhaps different, but i share with his work a belief that art can connect us to something that is lost. He is a person not to be compared to, but someone who enlarged and changed the arena for work. "

    Quoted from the book I am currently reading about women artists. "After the Revolution: Women who Transformed Contemporary ARt" edited by Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princenthal and Sue Scott.

    I feel very supported and CONNECTED to each of you by your comments. Thank you v much.


  16. I'm glad you blog about your art and process that go into creating your art! I enjoy reading your blog even though I don't always leave comment. Thanks for taking the time. Art can connect - Hugs Nat

  17. Well, without your blog, I'd never have come to know you, nor would I have been moved by the sheer beauty and skill of your work, and i would be less for that. It would be a loss, so yes, your art helps me connect to that beautiful landscape for example...a vision I might never have any other way.

  18. oh gosh! thank you Judy for sharing your aryt & words to us gathered here across time and space
    deep bow to you

  19. So much Power gathered here !

    Ann Hamilton says so much in the clip. I think the poet in you always connects. The art may shine and speak on its own, fully awake w spirit. Yet as a female voice i like to think we heal the separations and silences by offering up some personal as political; that the finished art comes through the complexities of a life aware and intelligent and feeling, transforming in time. Not separations but strengthening the wholistic self. Sharing self to selves. Empowering

  20. I don't comment often but I do love your blog and am glad that you continue. And I will confess I wonder why continue sometimes too. I always come back to the word "connect."

  21. Grace Forrest-Maestas said it all and so much more eloquently than I could. As one of those "who work alone in their own small lives" thank you for sharing on your blog and please continue to do so.

  22. Judy, I'd hate it if you stopped blogging here. I often come by, and occasionally comment, but i always find your blog thought provoking ad inspiring. I'm very slowly finding my way towards something textile related; your blog helps me to think more deeply about it.
    Amazing how the web can connect people across the globe - so powerful
    Thank you :-)

  23. Yes, writing the blog takes time away from creating, and that's precious, unreplaceable time in a life filled with other demands and responsibilities. That's why I come here. I need your example of a woman who lives a full life of family, community, and everyday to do lists and yet always finds and makes sure there's time for her creativity. You are a role model to me. My lighthouse. My womentor.

  24. i think it is all your art, all you. stripped raw, naked and beautiful.

  25. I agree with what others have said above. Blogging, I have come to believe is part of an art practice. Making 'sense' of things in another medium, such as words, is part of the broader creative process. The community which coalesces around your blog is a support to us all. I love seeing your textiles and what is happening in your part of the world.


Thank you for taking the time to connect. Much appreciated.xx