Tuesday, July 01, 2014

artist's coat

White linen coat, made from one long piece of fabric half of which was slit vertically, then sides seamed, edges hemmed.  Pocketed, a sash instead of buttons, I plan to dye it indigo.
Created for April who described it from a coat she tried on in New York city last May.
 sewing machine in our sleeping cabin
 sweet grass braids
my darlings on Laddie's rock

Garments are for our outsides but they reflect our insides.


  1. If you look at the shadows of your Artist coat, there a womanly face peers through the spirit of woods wind weave.

    Lovely. Enjoy the summer

  2. I had not noticed the woman spirit in the shadows - thank you for pointing that out.

  3. My mother introduced me to "patterns" like this in the start of the 70's--i was the one with the "weird" clothes, but oh i loved the simplicity of making patternless! This is making me think to do again :)

  4. i need/want a coat like this to become my storyteller's coat, decorated with stitched depictions of nancy's drawings done in various colors. i'm having to comment piecemeal because the goodies, the goodness, the beauty is near overwhelming. much better, infinitely more preferable than the overwhelming enkindled by my to do list. just to be clear.


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