Saturday, July 26, 2014

A tactile life

I am re-establishing a disciplined rhythm of work and life.
Stitching at least six hours a day, during breaks I harvest the plentiful wild plants along our road and in our property in order to process dye baths.
I visit my father.
Top: the two quilts that cover me in bed
Bottom: one of the new hand embroidered/quilted pieces in progress

"Our eyes, our ears, all of our senses are simply the indications of a veritable reality that ultimately resolves itself in our sense of touch."   Mark Rothko 


  1. talking with cloth is so much about how it feels, love the Rothko quote with the photo of your hand touching cloth, purrfect!

  2. I hope your dad is well.

  3. He's not so well, Dolores.
    Not sure he always knows who I am fact tonight I know he was surprised when I told him. "Your hair is different (it's grey)...I like it" he said.

    He's in his own world - and my visits cause me to wail in the car afterwards.


  4. Judy, I'm sorry to hear that your dad's health is less than optimal.

    Your work rhythm sounds perfect. I am now in the flow of visitors that you had a few weeks ago and although I am grateful to connect with friends and family, I feel lost without my studio rhythms.

  5. Recently I am back to Zen at a center across town. They are primarily care givers but welcome all. You might find some of the talks available free on line, useful for your current dealings with your Dad-- own 'practice' is very Zen like...devoted and skillful. Love to you.

  6. is that a tiny strip of twenty-four hour care I see? I LOVE that piece!

  7. Yes, Sandra!

    Good eye. Actually the red is also 24 hour care - the back of it.

  8. I wonder how you find so many interesting quotes!

    Hugs, Judy. And my best wishes to your soul and mind regarding your father.

  9. This statement by Rothko is from his book The Artist's Reality page 25.
    He wrote this book before he began his series of colour field painting, and that was interesting for me as his paintings seem to carry out his thesis - that light and the sense of touch are key.

  10. that piece in progress . . . lord how i want to reach out and touch it. it's absolutely scrumptuous.


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