Monday, May 26, 2014

Judith e Martin

I'm often asked if my professional name is Judith or Judy.  My website is Judith Martin Textile Artist.  People often call me Judith.  (They also call me Jude, Judy, Mom, Sweetie.)  My mother named me Judith, but she called me Jude.  My dad calls me Judy.
This weekend I decided (again) to be Judith e Martin professionally and Judy or Jude to my friends.  (Margaret Atwood's friends call her Peggy)
If you google Judy Martin the prolific author of books on traditional quilting comes up first and I worry that that some people still confuse me with her.  I am not her.  I am the Canadian Judy Martin who makes quilts. (Google also brings up Judy Martin the wrestler but I am not worried about confusion there)

The Storm at Sea quilt in this post was a wedding gift for Tom (Ned's brother) and Marg in 1988.  (Number 82 on the one hundred quilts blog.)  It's ironic I suppose that page 41 of Scrap Quilts by Judy Martin was my resource.  I have the quilt because April borrowed it for wedding decor.


  1. Judy Martin's articles in Quilter's Newsletter and her books that used scraps in traditional quilt patterns were a big influence and teacher for me in my early days.

    This quilt was made 26 years ago and stands the test of time.

    However, I think it is quite different from the work I do today.

  2. Constance Rose is my professional name, but I prefer to be called Connie. Constance is a mouthful to say, and I never wanted to be that visible. I love that quilt, BTW. Have a great day. xo

  3. the name thing, well, i just hope i get to meet you some day. i'll call you whatever you tell me to, but in my head you're judy.

  4. One of my favourite block patterns. I love the colour of the backlit quilt - looks like a drawing. And I never confused you with the other Judy, but Judith is very classy sounding.

  5. It's strange to be influenced as an artist by someone called like you, isn't? Quite schizophrenic...

    In my head you are Judy too, but I can call you Judith if you prefer :)

  6. I want my friends to call me Judy.
    All of you who read this blogs are my friends.
    I am not going to change the name of the blog, nor am I going to change my profile.
    Judith e Martin will be for when I am in an exhibition or the name has to be printed in a catalogue etc. And if there are slip ups and I am called Judy in those - that's OK.

    It's been OK for the 30 odd years that I've been exhibiting my work.

    Thanks for the comments.

  7. You mean you are Not Judy the wrestler ... after all this time ... (wink wink). When i think of you its of intelligence, empowered giving, persistence. Sisu. Did i spell that right. ?
    Thanks for

  8. Names-Old friends and family still call me Shelley (my childhood nickname). Sometime in the late eighties I think, I took my birth given name, Michelle, back to mark a sharp change after a very rough time, a new career, and new intentions. Now, I answer to both, but Internet folks know me as Michelle NYC. I am in retirement and with many talents but no career but 'Being'.

    Deanna Cohen was the one who introduced me to your blog, and your work. I am still in awe of the professionalism, skill, and beauty of everything you share from thoughts to references to handwork to family. This quilt hanging on the line is one more beauty.

  9. I laughed when I thought of Judy the Wrestler...maybe she could be an alter ego? A secret identity? Artist and quilter by day and wrestler by night. Judy Jujitsu? No?

    I think April's wedding is going to be lovely. Your quilt will be a beautiful accent.

  10. Anonymous10:44 am

    Storm at Sea has always been a favorite quilt pattern. Great movement to it. Judy the Wrestler could be your woman warrior name.

  11. Susan Johnson10:30 am

    Google Susan Johnson, and the first one up is a prolific steamy romance novelist who lives within a 100 miles of me, on a farm. I always told people I wanted to be a writer, so I may be mistaken for her. Susan Johnson is such a common name that there are two others in our small town. I sometimes get their mail by mistake. One is a safari big game hunter, with a houseful of trophy mounts of endangered animals. I'm the vegetarian, SPCA member, anti-gun nut, Socialist, Feminist and weaver, Susan Johnson #ironic

  12. (Grin) I've had to be careful when I 'google' you too...and I have that book! I've never been brave enough to try SAS...but your creation is beautiful. (I believe it was either one of the Kemshalls or Canadian Catherine Nicholls who worked out a variation in whole cloth with paint...)


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