Saturday, April 05, 2014

Hard Twist

Two pieces (not mine) from Hard Twist 8 - this is personal  at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto until April 27. Click on the artist's names to go to their professional web sites. xx
Shirtz by Susan Avishai  2013   made from pre-worn (but washed) men's dress shirts, about 7' square
Manufactured clothing is made to be consumed, discarded, put into good will, and eventually baled for rags.
"I wanted to insert myself into this cycle to see if something personal, beautiful, and original could be made from the used clothing headed for this ignoble fate."  Susan Avishai
Drawing / Weaving  by Colleen McCarten  2013   Silk yarn, parchment paper, marker  36" x 108"
"Does changing the material or technique alter the value of a piece?    Colleen McCarten
Above image is hand woven, the one below is hand drawn.  
Pondering economics while marveling  at expert use of materials, time, and technique.


  1. I too contemplate used clothing, Love your piece!

  2. The images in this post were taken at the Gladstone Hotel on the weekend of March 27. These are just two samples of thoughtful work using threads.

  3. Sometimes the quality of the fabrics is not the best, but I am still trying to reuse my worn cloths in my own work. I do not want to purchase new pieces of fabric till I empty my stash a little more. And also it is sometimes a challenge to put in use some of them with the ideas I have in mind...

  4. Thanks so much for highlighting my piece, Judy, and for introducing me to your blog. I'll continue to read it now. Glad you could see the show.

  5. Hi Judy,

    I sat down to quickly check my e-mails before going grocery shopping. There was an e-mail from Pinterest suggesting several images which might interest me. Through searching them I discovered your work. It just blew me away. I love it! Ages passed, my coffee got cold and I still haven't done the grocery shop. But I am enriched and inspired by your beautiful work. Thank you. I look forward to following it. I especially love your stitching and your colours.


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