Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Canadian Textile Artists

A post with three videos of prominent Canadian textile artists exhibiting in Ontario right now.   

Ottawa:  Sandra Brownlee just won the Saidye Bronfman award, one of eight Governer General's awards for visual and media arts.  An exhibit of five of her major pieces will be on display beginning March 28 at Canada's National Gallery.  This video was put out by the government of Canada.

Toronto:  And Heather Goodchild's exhibit is at the Textile Museum of Canada until April 13.  This video from Canadian art showcases not only her work, but also two other prominent Canadians, Kai Chan and Lyn Carter. Textile Art from Canadian Art on Vimeo.

Peterborough:  Dorothy Caldwell's exhibition Silent Ice/ Deep Patience opened at the Art Gallery of Peterborough on the weekend.  Joe Lewis shared this video of her collections so beautifully displayed.  How many of us have thought of doing something like this?  Wow, Dorothy.

I do plan to get to all three exhibitions in person, but isn't it fantastic that we can see the work and listen to the artists speak for themselves through the internet.  


  1. And for us who won't be able to see the exhibitions... thank you for sharing, Judy!
    The firs video really put us into the work of the artist and her process. The music, the silences, the slow movements of the camera... all of them fit perfectly the delicate works.

  2. Thank you Judy...

  3. magical, magical, magical.

  4. wow, so inspiring. thank you for sharing these.

  5. the internet is the only way i'd ever get to see these three inspiring artists. how marvelous to see their work in person. what - me? jealous? oh come now;)

  6. Thanks for sharing - the currawongs outside were inspired to carole just as Dorothy's video finished


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