Wednesday, February 26, 2014

old journals

"If the task at hand gives you fear,
walk off the cliff and build your wings as you fall."

The artwork is by Betty Goodwin, Montreal artist.
The quote was found in my 2006 journal. 


  1. About fear.

    Today I took my elderly friend, Connie, to the city to see my exhibits. She was fearful because she has recently fallen twice. She had not been out of her house since November. She uses a cane, is slow - but she did it.

    The quote in this post is also for our daughter April, who this Friday flies to Chicago to face down two grad school interviews. You can do it, babe.

    This quote helped me in april 2006. the year I applied to university in london england at the age of 54.

    If we stay home, play it safe - nothing new happens.

  2. About empty clothing.

    Betty Goodwin made a break through in her art making with her prints of actual worn clothing.

    She said about her vest prints:
    "The reality of the vest
    its mark; its print
    finger print
    the image is attained
    directly from the object
    its own soul
    direct contact
    gives off image and
    is still there in itself
    but extended as
    having given off a
    part of itself."

    her subject is absence
    The x-ray quality of the images intensifies the emotional response to her work

    I am inspired by these prints by Betty Goodwin on many levels. Not least is that they came about because she had gone back to school in mid- life, (age 45) and studied printmaking with Yves Gaucher. This extra push gave her the break through that made her into one of Canada's most important artists.

  3. i read someplace once, that for women, fear can often really be a sense of excitement--vital energy rising, but misnamed; probably because in the old V.Woolf sense, women have so many "thought" boundaries to cross, in order to use the powers of voice.

    Good luck to April. The energy transforms into Exhilaration finally! It is done.

    "All the world is a stage..."


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