Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I've been weaving this week.  I took a two day weaving workshop in early December from Heather Thoma and she let us borrow the looms over Christmas.  We have to hand them back in today.
I've always wanted to know how to weave.  I've been quilting and stitching for decades, but weaving is always on my mind.  I am in love with the way fragile threads lock together to make something so strong.
Also this week,  I'm working with a vintage blanket, weaving with my needle to mend the many worn sections in it.   It feels right to be transforming something very old into a new art piece, but I am feeling my way tenderly.
Saving it.


  1. I love the idea of weaving, but the fact of warping the loom -- the thought of it, that is -- makes my teeth hurt. Any tips?

  2. Actually, I look forward to warping the loom. I love those winding things with the pegs sticking out that you wrap the threads around. Holding thread and winding it around those pegs is very calming.

    However, lest it sound that I know a lot about weaving...I do not.

    I am a beginner. I had guidence warping the table top loom that was loaned to me in class. I have not as yet done any weaving on my own.

    I own a floor loom that is in pieces. It was my grandmother's. I want to get it set up, but I am fearful that following the weaver's way will make me lose my own. And I just seem to have found my way...

    So Margaret. No tips from me. Just love.

  3. oh! how I love your tenderly woven mending!

  4. I love your weaving piece. Red and white together is beautiful. I started weaving on and off in the last 2 years. Warping and weaving are the nice part of weaving. I hate the calculation and setting up at the beginning. I have a wonderful teacher Ilka White here in Australia and I keep taking her workshop hoping that one day weaving becomes a second nature to me like quilting, stitching and dyeing! Did you get the piece finished and returned the loom?

  5. Yes Nat, I returned the loom on time. I was using knitting yarn that I'd had for a while for the warp, and it was breaking.

    I got mostly finished - still 12" of warp left, but two of the threads were I was OK about stopping early.

    I will do this again.
    I like the idea of weaving. I love the metaphors that are held within creating cloth.

  6. of course weaving! i'm glad to see you exploring how threads make a web. it's grand for this old weaver to see your excitement!

  7. Tenderly. Mended. Weaving. . . oh my goodness, yes. (but what I really wanted to put in my comment box is: When on earth did you have time to take a class?????)

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