Friday, December 13, 2013

starry night

Starry Night (detail above) hand stitched plant-dyed wool and silk.  2012
This piece showed in the 32nd quilts = art = quilts at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Centre in Auburn New york in 2012.  It sold. 
It was still a baby.
Just hatched, left the nest.
These images are to give the piece some web-time. 
This blog is immediate, I can do it myself.
But it is a journal.
The references to family, environment and personal emotions give context to my work, but take away from a professional presentation. 
Nothing since 2009 is on my 'real' web site and sincere plans to update that get buried in the whirl of it all.
So for it is.


  1. That is beautiful :)

  2. A lovely child dear Judy, well deserving of some web time.

  3. Such inspiring stars..........

  4. My exact thoughts about my own website stilled now since '08. Time for action. Web design is tedious at best but a necessary evil since I'm paying for the server space. Do you back up your blog? I have a fear that any moment they will realize how dependent we have become and hold our blogs for a ridiculous ransom, or worse, flush them away.

  5. There is such a shimmering in this piece thank you for sharing

  6. This summer I decided to integrate my blog into my website because I didn't like this sensation of the site being abandoned. It took a lot of time to create it (I used self hosted Wordpress) but it is easy to be maintained now.
    I like to have the porfolio up to date. And this remembers me that it is not really at the moment... ;)

  7. What a beautiful surprise it sold so quickly. Have a lovely, peaceful holiday.

  8. A very beautiful piece. And I understand the blog/web site dilemma, my blog is kind of like my life, messy and all over the place, and I long for a calm, professional looking site that shows off my work properly. But we do what we can do?

  9. I personally feel the blog gives your work an extra (unmeasurable) dimensionality--because of the intelligence you weave into it by who you are and what you share here. You teach me.

    Love this "baby" and also the notion of inner-inner; makes me wonder and stretch thought boundaries; how can there be inner inner or a within within without a without? What would it mean, to live as a within within (a new kind of wholeness/expressiveness here?)

    How do we define these boundaries to begin within. Are they real?

    Also, on Paterson Ewen, I got to listen to two pod-casts on his work via the link. Much appreciated. Thank you thank you.

  10. it's true: we each have our own notions of how we are and want to be perceived by others, as well as our own definitions and comfort levels about the merging and separation of our professional and personal lives, but despite all that, i say this: your blog is one of a handful i look forward to because of the way you've so seamlessly and artistically woven cloth into your life and share it with us here. your clothwork is made even more exquisite to me because of your reflections about life made on and with the cloth. i'm not saying this well.

  11. now that our electric is back on (finally) i'm back to finish by saying that i also enjoy your web site with it's just-the-facts approach and you know how i love reading your modern aesthetics blog. so basically, thank you for satisfying every nook and cranny of this inquisitive brain.


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