Thursday, June 20, 2013

water music

One of the things I like about making,  is the evidence that I was here.   Somehow, the length of time spent with a piece is held within it. 
My hand's gesture and touch stays with the beautiful object.  

These streamers of cloth petals are a different way of thinking for me.
They are planned to be ephemeral.
The time it takes to stitch each one seems to disappear.  Look at these drops / dots.
They seem to just be.
They exist like rain exists, or dappled sunshine.  They are only meant to be perfect for one day.
Looking at these I realize that I've never felt quite so close to being like mother nature.  She who paints with small marks like leaves, grass, clouds,  in immense spaces... with confidence. 
My streamers fall and move with the breezes.  When the wedding is over, they will have completed their purpose.  These not heirlooms.
They will have a brief performance like the poof of a piano sonata after months of practice. 


  1. Little not-heirloom prayer flags... what fun!

  2. Anonymous11:14 am

    What a beautiful gift to the happy day.
    Their memory will be an heirloom.

  3. If I were the bride, I would definitely keep a strand in my bride book !
    Wonderful idea for the piano sonata.
    Happy Wedding, mother of the bride !

  4. so beautifully written, Judy--and done!

    (ps even rain is recycled) ;)

    Enjoy the big day.

  5. The lightness of the ephemeral. Like a light breeze...

  6. all those petal shapes. individual but family.lovely.

  7. "Somehow, the length of time spent with a piece is held within it."

    Yes. Lovely. Thank you!

  8. Handmade festive festoons. What fun, my little Wood Sprite. I know you say they have a shorter life span than a butterfly, but I declare I can just see them finding their way onto a commemorative cloth. I mean since you have nothing else to do . . .

  9. So jealous! Would love to see them in person, in the breeze... they also might go nicely with jazz piano... have a lovely day!!

  10. Ah, grace upon grace.
    the beauty of the small moment.
    happy solstice,

  11. yes, they seem like music to me, too.

  12. Beautiful, J. Keep to your centre. N

  13. I know Grace will be a beautiful bride. Enjoy the day(s)! XX


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