Monday, June 10, 2013

The Finnish rag rug

I saw a lot of rugs in Finland.  I love the long shape of them.
This fancy one was on the hallway of a guest house. Note the painted floor.
They were always underfoot.
A dock that thinks its a rug.
Gentle rhythm.  Finite length.
 April learned to weave rag rugs while in Finland and made the one above for Grace as a wedding gift.
Well used, welcoming.
Over the fragile bogs.
April and her rug.
Grace and her water


  1. delightful Judy--just de lightful--and I love the humor about planks!

  2. April's rug is beautiful The plank bog walks look just like home here on this Island in Southeast Alaska!

  3. What a charming post of these wonderful little-long rugs. April's is beautiful and what a fine wedding gift. May the couple enjoy a loooong journey together!

  4. Echoes of your ongoing thread-wrapping project too, eh?

  5. Yes, Margaret.

    These rugs are direct inspiration for my stitch journal, Not to Know but To go On.

  6. I love the colors in April's rug... and all the bridges and such that you invite us to see as rug-like.

  7. A thinking dock :)
    They do seem to invite and try to talk to us, don't they; moving and creaking as the water brings motive, life, sound through... all our senses perched for interpreting

    love April's are blessed!

  8. what a fab version she came up with. does she find weaving calming? i know i always do. loving the docks too.

  9. yes, judy, i immediately thought of your daily stitchings... i like how three women (at the very least) are connected by "rug lines".

  10. love!

  11. rag rugs were my first weaving projects. and now thoughts of using up a lot of cloth here has me reconsidering warping the loom once again.

  12. i have woven rag rugs for years. they are so nice to weave..
    april's gift will be loved for years.
    love those docks.

  13. I have inherited my Finnish grandmother's rug loom. The legend is that she would host other women who came to her home in North Western Ontario and help them to weave rugs. She was known for the speed of her weaving.

    Also, while in Finland, I learned of my aunt who was a tapestry weaver. I will share some photos of her tapestries in another post.

    So - one of these days, I will begin to weave rag rugs.

    Thanks for all comments.

  14. The warp of the rugs ... like a finiteness (a finity?) of time ...

  15. I love the long, narrow proportion of the rugs, too.
    I saw some as narrow as 18", just enough width to
    walk and not fall off. I've stopped weaving wide

    Thanks for the Finnish report!

  16. "gentle rhythm, finite length". that says A Lot. sums It up.

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