Wednesday, June 05, 2013


The dandelions in Finland were everywhere.  They were not considered to be a nuisance.
I guess it is wonderful for Finns to see such bright colour on the ground rather than all that white snow of  winter.
We were in Finland for the last week of May.  I have still not unpacked my suitcase.
In Finnish and Estonian, the dandelion is called butter flower.  "voikukka" referring to the colour
We helped my father drive from Southern to Northern Ontario yesterday so that he could live with some Finnish people.

But it doesn't feel right yet.


  1. I've always loved fields of dandelions... we are so critical of the wild here! Best of luck with your Dad;s situation, hope things feel right soon.

  2. How lovely...young tender dandelion greens are so fine in salads, and the root makes great soup...very medicinal as well. I too hope the new location works out okay eventually for your Dad. it's terribly difficult to relocate. Much love.

  3. I hope your trip to Finland was filled with good weather and inspiration.

  4. Dolores, it was amazing weather and truckloads of inspiration. Thanks.

  5. The Finnish fields, roadsides, and gardens were filled with the yellow dot of dandelions. I wouldn't have mentioned this if I only saw this kind of carpet once - but we saw it every day, and all over. We were there at the height of flower.

    Being inundated by the dandelion, I began to look at them in a different way than those of us who live in North america do.
    Not as a weed, but as a hardy plant.
    Not as something to be removed, but instead to be nurtured.
    Not ugly - beautiful.

    Notable was the general acceptance and adoration of nature and how it comes. Humans not trying to change it into something it is not.

    Also, dandelions are editble in their entirety

    "A weed is a plant for which we once knew the use but we've forgotten it." Peter Gail - ethno-botinist

  6. My eldest daughter Laila, had a teacher who said that a weed is a flower that grows where you don't want it.

  7. Judy, I remember reading somewhere too, that in older (and wiser) times, farmers used the dandelion as a way of gauging the health of the soil...where dandelions grew, the soil was safe and fertile for crops.

  8. I used to eat dandelion fritters in my twenties.
    Good wishes for your father's transition.

  9. i've felt for a long time that the dandelion was a noble and, well HAPPY spring plant. i love them! hope all goes well with your dad.

  10. though i've never seen any as spectacular as these - probably because i only see one here and maybe 2 over there instead of a field bursting to the seams with them - dandelions have long held claim to special real estate in my heart because even now i can picture my adorable little boy, his eyes glazed over with the beauty of these yellow flowers, standing at the door with a bunch he'd picked just for me. they were beauty to him, and since then they've been love to me. tell me more about your dad when you've a minute and the inclination. sounds such a lovely, caring thing to do.

  11. My father is not happy living in Finlandia.

    It turns out that he is not the nursing home type of guy.

    He wants out.


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