Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 Almost the first thing I noticed upon arrival at home was this second blooming of the Christmas amaryllis 
there in the window sill .  then I saw our bed with this quilt I made nearly 10 years ago, upside down on my half
title of quilt: husband and wife
see more of it here


  1. Looks like the quilt and the amaryllis were cross-pollinating with color :)

  2. I had cleaned the bedroom when I was home the last time - before April 10. There's nothing quite like coming home to your own bed with your own objects and no clutter.

    It was as if the room hugged me.

    Grace is with us from England just for a few days. She's planning her June wedding.

  3. Love this and you are so right...nothing like coming home to a clean, all yours house!

  4. I read your daughter's words about quilts. Good that you reminded me them...

  5. I have been away from your posts for a while. It was nice to check up on you. Sorry you lost your studio! It means you will find a better spot, I am sure.


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