Friday, April 05, 2013

edge of spring

 You can't teach art, but you can learn itMatthew Ritchie


  1. a rainbow on the edge of spring...

  2. I know! You are letting some of the sun you stitched inside those pages on vacation to warm up the frozen earth and hurry up Spring.


    Its going to be 70's this weekend and I am going to over indulge & enjoy it.

    (still thinking about placebos some)


  3. spring sky blues...

    and I love that quote... though I AM an art professor, I totally think its true. I can show a "way", but the learning comes from the making, or the walking of that way-path.

  4. they are lovely in the light

  5. Oh how I'd love to feel-hold these cloths of yours! The light is beautiful in these shots.

  6. Your journals are exquisite and obviously the sun agrees as she graced them with spring light and warmth...or was it the journals that graced us all with light and warmth?

  7. spring has that lightness doesn't it? that sense of seeing through things is inevitable.
    the only thing you can teach is how to learn.

  8. rivers stones...wings.

  9. Time is a river.
    This piece is like a river - so Henrietta, your comment is apt.

    What I have noticed by stitching the journal panels together and hanging them so that they are long verticals of horizontal marks, is the energy held in the cloth.

    The stitched mark holds so much energy, and in these photographs, it also catches light's energy.

    I was actually inspired to take the work down to the lake for photographs because of the ice ridge forming - but the took over.

    You have to follow the beauty, don't you?

  10. Hallo Judy,
    Sorry for mijn englisch, but I find your work very nice.
    First i thougt is was woven, but later I saw how you did it!

    Greetings Wilma

  11. Beautifully inspiring.

  12. I am an art teacher too and do agree with the quote. A good teacher always seems unnecessary, but a bad teacher.... hmmmm... Unneccessary and besides he can ruin a good student.


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