Sunday, March 17, 2013


pattern attracts me
grid of branches,
palm-thatch lined up edge to edge
it occurs all the time,
all the time.
growth in spring and summer
death in fall and winter
we live a pattern,
we live repetition.
perhaps you will say that I am attracted to patterns and repetition because I am a quilt maker
But maybe I'm a quilt maker because there is pattern in our world
 images:  the thatched outside kitchen in the Cayman Heritage Garden in Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park


  1. Yes.. there is glorious pattern in our world! And maybe you are a quilter because you were born with eyes to SEE it.

  2. the patterns are so moving and so persistant, and i love what both you and valerie say about the why it matters. and it does.

  3. Perhaps. A friend recently showed me photos of the trip to Israel and Jordan she and her DH took last fall; all that really fascinated me were the patterns in the mosaics -- walls and floors. And the patterns of the olive groves against the earth...

  4. My preference goes to patterns coupled with textures, as the one in your pictures: fascinating.

  5. I confess that I too am a pattern addict (colours, textures, forms, behaviours, events)! Gorgeous pics.

  6. Patterns and textures inspire me too. I get lots of them them on my travels - I like the palm leaves on your post, thanks - Nat

  7. Fabulous patterns! Thank you!

  8. its really nice and beautiful, impressed to view...

  9. Anonymous2:18 pm

    I love the idea that maybe we are quilters b/c there is pattern in the world and not the other way round (noticing b/c we quilt). Lovely pix - I esp. like the close up of the palms woven in fan shapes.

  10. but where did it all begin ...

    this top image for me, the color, the sense of a stilled motion, a breathing thing make in motion by the shadow play; and the dimension, layered sense of space compressed.


    but where did it all begin...

  11. That thatched roof is so amazing repeat. I love seeing the world through the eyes of artists. Such attention to detail. Not much slips by them.

    Beauty in the ordinary.

    Jacky xox

  12. sometimes you have to stand way back to see the pattern. the pattern of your own going.

  13. mmmmm the palm fronds remind me of gaudi.
    and i just saw this nfb quilt pattern short.

    miss you mom


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