Monday, February 25, 2013

Continuum in Germany

Freedom is Choice, Choice is Freedom
Marilyn Hall
Make Gloves Not War
Caroline Hibbs
Lesley Turner
Left:  Place a Perfect Landscape
Right: Considering Pattern Darning
Ingrid Lincoln (left) and Denise Jones (right)
Flying Family Tree
Monika Bruekner
front: Collection
behind: Untitled
Val Cross (plinth) Jean Kirk (window)
Collection on plinths
Femininity on wall
Val Cross (plinths and Victoria Jenkins (wall)
monumental simplicity
Judy e Martin

Continuum opened in the Villa Wieser Gallery, Herxheim bei Landau, Germany on Sunday Feb 17. These images are from Denise Jones' larger photos of the beautiful installation.  Thanks for sending the images Denise.  Thanks also to Monika Bruekner who organized the ten of us into this European venue.  Most of the artists were present, and I wish that I had been as well.   This exhibit continues until March 10.

For those interested in further information about the work and the artists' intent, please re-visit the post I wrote last November when Continuum showed in Canada at the World of Threads festival.


  1. Your other post adds a wonderful perspective too
    Enjoyed and appreciated.

  2. It's all so wonderful...and poignant. Maybe someday I'll understand installations...

  3. the light filtering through your work is awesome, congrats...

  4. Congratulations Judy!

  5. Congrats! It looks great :)


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