Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm with Dad this week

winter tree, an oil painting by my mother, now propped on the desk in dad's guest bedroom.
This is my view.


  1. Beautiful texture and light in your Mom's painting. Have a nice week with your father.

  2. Interesting tree...and so lovely and quiet.

    What is that wonderful building in your view? The doors are so inviting.

  3. when hands touch - hearts meet. a treasure seeing your mom's touch.

  4. What a strange view--that incredibly tall chimney. I love your mother's painting.

  5. simply beautiful painting... and stunning work below...

  6. All of the artwork in my father's condo is by family members. Some watercolours by me, some acrylics by my sister Nancy, and several oil paintings by my mother Pauline.

    Most of Pauline's paintings are of a small island with a lone tree in the middle of a horizon of lake and sky. Together, they make quite a statement, and someday I'll post just about them. This is the only painting of a tree.

    The building with the chimney and the arch-doorway is connected to the condo. I call the room with the door the party room. Oona and her family visited this past weekend, and so did Jay and Erika, so all of us sat down to dinner in that larger room. The little boys could play with their new 'grampa' toys while we visited and ate a meal.

    Many buildings in Kingston have that white limestone exterior and it gives an elegance to the city.

  7. I am struck by the juxtaposition of the two "views"--like two stanzas of a poem;

    also as if your mother offered you a living window, a portal of time, portable...

    the two lone trees...

    Enjoy your time.

  8. mom you're funny,

  9. i like imagining you sitting there stitching while your dad tells you stories - some you've never heard before, others you've heard so many times your mouth moves silently with his - and the tape recorder whirring softly in the background.

  10. A lovely painting by your mom. I like that blue color she used. Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year - Best from Nat


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