Friday, September 21, 2012

artist statement

 The simplicity of my work is arrived at in a complex way.   
I call on my Finnish heritage and its aesthetic of embracing or flouting traditional techniques.
I call on phenomenology and believe that when textile art is pared down, the touch of the hand, and the movement of the maker’s body become more evident.
I call on the virtuosity of labour, not hard work but careful, repetitive work.
I call on craftsmanship, utter concentration, traditional techniques, the learning of new skills, and the idea that the work itself is what is important, not how many hours it takes.

I call on all of myself in what I do.


  1. A beautiful statement, Judy.

  2. I am always awed by you, your words, your work.

  3. and the simplicity of your words reflects the complexity of your nature. within silence there is so much thought.

  4. Wanting to say something original about this profound work and your clarity of statement about it, I find no words, and sheepishly, turn to 'brainy quotes on art', reading through six or seven of the pages, and finding at least nine which might almost apply. Before abandoning my foolish enterprise and settle for a simple "beautiful-beautiful", I decided to pass this William Faulkner quote along--"The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life."--because a hundred years from now, if your work survives, someone will see it come to life for them as it does for us now.

  5. It's like a prayer or invocation.

  6. Every year, I refine my statement.

    It's hard work. I dread it.
    But after I have pared down what I want to say, cut, rearranged, I feel as if I've done a little personal grow.

    Thanks for your support. Much needed and appreciated.

  7. You 'call on' these things and they come running to stand beside you, no to stand within you~ for they were there all along.
    Beautiful words, so well chosen. Beautiful stitches and color/design placement, so well thought out.
    The last image just leaps with texture. It must feel wonderful!

  8. this reminds me of a call to worship, admonition to fellow makers, a statement of intent, challenge, and a deep cry to your own heart to do this work you love, you must do.

  9. Beautiful statement ,,,humble words, but your art speaks volumes.

    Jacky xox

    p.s. love the Williams Faulkner quote Ms.

  10. Artist statements are evolutionary, aren't they? Just like with life, there's a paring down to the essential. It takes a while, takes many tries, many versions. Love the Wm Faulkner quote, and this process of artist statement makeover reminds me of something Jack Kerouac once said: One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.

    Looking at the exquisite clothwork, I am even more eager to finish stitching Nancy's daily drawings and get to the pulling together part. Especially now that other people are becoming involved. Many hands. Oh yes.

  11. Intelligence

    I agree with Velma, I feel an admonition and challenge from your tenacity and empowered vision. The work its texture, sensuality, imbedded intention--speaks. Honors. Gives.

    Thank you

  12. and I call it BEAUTIFUL. You inspire so much.

  13. I think that you put also a lot of your heart in what you do: what would art be without the feelings that inspire the artists?

  14. Awesome. I'm full of admiration. And I feel a little ashamed; I can feel the deep breath of the space and quietude, but I want my quilting to entertain me. Probably the wrong attitude.

  15. am searching for the words to express what your words and images say to me, I fail, all I can say is Yes!

  16. thank you for sharing your process and such finely honed words Judy. Your work has such presence, a quietly powerful force of inspiration in the world.

  17. Could you talk a little more about phenomenology?

    Thanks for the view of all the pieces.

    Meanwhile I'm squirreling away that Faulkner quote, thanks!

  18. The Faulkner quote resembles one I have pinned to my studio wall. It is by Agnes Martin.

    "The truth about life and the mystery of beauty are the same. They are the first concern of everyone.
    We look at a Chinese vase – we can see all that the artist rejected in order to have as close an approximation to his response to reality and we feel as he felt looking at his work. The same response. For 1000 years. This is what art is about."

    Phenomenology - as I understand it, it is the idea that we know things because we've lived through them. Our bodies understand things in a way that our minds can only approximate. The sense of touch, the sense of body weight, the idea that we know things by moving through time and space - that's how I think of phenomenology.

  19. exquisite work. i admire your fortitude in re-visiting your artist statement. It is hard but necessary work.


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