Friday, August 24, 2012

new hand work

 This week I returned to those spring branches that I had bundled up before we went to England. 
I added another layer to most of them, sometimes from old lace, sometimes a wrapping of new cotton tape.  I also put a little protective thread on each one. 
Now there are eight.   Pioneer Babes.  Budding branches, vintage domestic linen and lace, red thread.
 beauty and tragedy. 
These fragments of old hand work connect me to those brave women who left Europe and came to Canada.

The most important thing is to love and be loved.
The second most important thing is to do the work.  
Michael James


  1. Judy, I love this quote. This 'work' is thought provoking.......and I love how you just keep doing it.....I once had a collector comment on some little pieces I'd made.....I asked him what I could do to improve on them.....he said "make more".

  2. Once more, It's the way you just keep loving and doing, quiet, steadfast and true. Just that.

  3. the strong binding of the branches combined with the delicacy of the lace the blood strong red of the stitches... your work brings to mind the work of Olga Cironis (a sculptor friend I went to art school with back in the 80's) she has been covering things for the past twenty odd years. I love her eggbeaters covered in old woolen blanket in her 2010 exhibition "today I am what you want me to be" -
    and this Greek garden statue also covered in blanket this year


  4. immaculate conception

    feel into the spaces
    yes. so they are breathing, quietly

    safe now
    in your hands.

    so loved

  5. Beautiful ladies :)

  6. i thought some more about these, and what i thought was, she takes risks. that's a good thing, in my opinion.

  7. thanks Velma.
    It is a good thing, but scary.
    It's beautiful that you can feel that about these pieces.

  8. Beauty and tragedy. Thrilling...


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