Tuesday, July 03, 2012

moments of perfection

Art work has only a tintering of what it attempts to represent to the artist and to responsive observers.
It does not tell the truth. It is enjoyed or not according to the condition of the observer.
We make a response to art. We look. We are happier or more sad, more at peace, more depressed. We may yearn, The cause of that response is not traceable.
The response depends on the condition of the viewer.

The above text is from Agnes Martin's collected Writings.
The photos were taken over the last 24 hours. I'm with family.

"There isn't enough art about mothering" Janine Antoni


  1. lovely
    glad you are enjoying your
    family :0)

  2. Your family is lovely, and your moments, treasures. Family can be a challenge and yet...and yet...I know this much: I love mine with my life!

  3. The art of being with family is supreme experience...and the setting--oh--what a fine frame for love.

  4. Love you guys so much. Wish we had stayed longer. xoxoxoxoxoxoox

  5. This struck a chord with me: The response depends on the condition of the viewer, by the succinct Agnes Martin. Enjoy your vacation time with your family, Judy.

  6. Lovely! What a beautiful spot you have Judy. And how serene is motherhood at times. L

  7. i so agree with Agnes... thank you

  8. I love this post Judy......thank you.

  9. Lovely quotes from Agnes Martin... no, there isn't enough art about family and the way it keeps us all-together... lovely photographs... inspiration for a piece on our children!


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