Thursday, June 21, 2012


Val Cross "I want my work to be still alive"
Jean Kirk "float down into a pool of another consciousness"
Ingrid Lincoln "a textile made hard"
Monika Bruckner "we are all connected through generations"
Lesley Turner "the British Columbia rain forest, the colours of the new moon"
Marilyn Hall "women have been restricted"
Denise Jones "there is healing in stitching"
Viki Jenkins "How do I express femininity?"
Caroline Hibbs "Make gloves not war"
Judy Martin "the horizon line gives us a heaven"

Very brief statements, only a cropped detail of each of our pieces. This is a beautiful show that I am proud to be part of.

It will be at the World of Threads Festival in Canada in November and in February 2013, it will travel to southern Germany. We have named ourselves and this show Continuum.


  1. awed.
    applause for you all.

  2. Beautiful & thought-provoking. Congrats to all :)

  3. How beautiful and thought provoking all of you.

    Congratulations and hope the Orals went well, for you.

  4. what a wonderful collection of thoughts and personal statements on the roles of artists, women, creators, givers, and sharers. congratulation of being a Continuum...

  5. As Handstories said, awed...very awed. What an amazing collection of art and women. Enjoy!

  6. Awesome work by all. How cool that the show will get international exposure!

  7. What more to say? A stunning whole, the perfect sum of its parts.

  8. Congratulations! I''m intrigued by Viki Jenkins' mix of digital printing and embroidery. Wow! Thanks for sharing. It would be cool to collect all the graduates, bios, images and statements into one place on-line. This is a rich mix!

  9. I was waiting for the day after the opening to check your blog in hopes you posted something about it. I am glad you did even though I am sure you are busy and excited about other stuff! An interesting mix...but you are still my favorite!

  10. each of these took my breath away! so i am suitably breathless. thank you so much for sharing this show with us.

  11. Karen,
    There will be a brief amount of information about the Continuum exhibit and the artists in it in the World of Threads website soon.

    Your idea of having a web index of our work as a group is a good one, and I'll propose it to them.

    Thanks everyone for your beautiful supportive comments. Meeting the artists for the first time and loving each one of them, has made the whole long process of this degree well worth it.


  12. It looks wonderful Judy. I wish I could have been there.


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