Wednesday, April 18, 2012

my work

Not to Know But to Go On daily journal made from found fabrics, artist canvas, cotton floss, hand stitched, begun in 2010 and on going (detail)

I was asked yesterday if I worked at a certain time of the day or only when I felt like it. I think it's kind of mysterious around here about what I actually do. Or why.

I answered that I work every day.

Stitching is the most straight forward of the tasks I give myself. Three hours of that in the morning, two or three more hours each evening.

In the afternoons I'm in the studio. Coming up with the ideas. Looking and looking at work in progress. Photographing it as a way to distance myself a bit from the work.

Labour is a material.


  1. Judy,
    I love this work
    from the first glimpse
    to now
    seeing its unfolding flow
    the dailiness
    the use of fabric worn
    bodily carried
    the repeated,
    meditative touch and stitch
    quiet and gentle
    in its power...

    but I want to ask you
    the most basic and obvious
    (not obvious to me however)
    how do you do this?

    xox - eb.

  2. a journal is such a personal place, self encoded object. Do you let others read it.

    i'd love to read your journal.

  3. This the most visceral of journals--without wordless. in the sacred silence of it's complex simplicity telling the story of one woman's hands and heart--of persistent dedication, of quiet observation and of love...above all

  4. How I wish could correct the above on it, rather than write a new post:

    Not without wordless
    but just wordless
    (without words)

  5. Hi Michelle

    I understand your frustration. I think that people would understand the meaning - I would fix it for you if I knew how.

    Thank you very much for your love. I feel it.

  6. Working at something like this, daily and consistently, always seems to generate some perplexity. I don't have anything as beautiful as this to show but I am often asked "how did you have the patience to do that??" when there is a lot of detail. I find this question odd - how could I NOT do it? Why do so many feel they would not have the "patience" to attempt a creative endeavour? I think they mean it doesn't happen quickly enough but that is one of the good things in my mind. Thank you Judy for always giving us such wonderful things to think about.

  7. Hey Judy are they joined together yet? I can't tell.

  8. Three questions to answer:


    To make these is super duper easy.
    Take artist canvas of a manageable size - (15" x 24" approx), lay down torn strips of cloth that have been folded lengthwise to tuck in their raw edges, couch them down with cotton embroidery floss. Couching is a wrapping stitch - and is in all the stitch encyclopedias.


    I do not hide my regular journals from my family, but they choose not to read them. We all seem to understand that my journals are like my insides, very private. Sometimes I take things from those journals and put them up on this blog for everyone to read.


    No, the journal panels are not yet joined together. I have some installations planned, but each gallery space is so different. I think that I may just leave them separate, and install them as the space requires. Site specific. ha

  9. I'm so in awe of your stitched journals...have been since the first.

  10. simply magnificent, like waves of life... xx

  11. please may i clarify

    as writer of private journals myself, i would never presume-myself-into your personal (amazing) stash; there is an aura a self around these, and nobody should go reading them without shared permission.
    here, i meant specifically your "daily journal"

    I want to read your journal

    to sit and read each line, mark for mark, to experience what might happen; the possibilities of mind

    as a reader (acted upon) by a new kind of poetry.
    if that makes sense
    thanks for reminding me about Art 21. and for sharing

  12. i think as these grow our looking into your work and practice takes on bigger meaning, we have been along for the ride (so to speak) like with the earth circle pieces (i can't remember your title and am home sick and can't go looking now) but it's been very moving to share this work with you. i think it's something not many of us would value (of our own) or would dare to share. you're doing it in public forum. thank you!

  13. It is always so reassuring to see your daily journal work...the same with the church project. Watching the progress, enjoying the stitches you always share with us.
    I loved the little glimpse into your daily life. Your stitching time each day, your studio time and your blog time (the time you set aside for us).

  14. How simple and how complex at the same time. As many of your works...


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