Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gaston Bachelard and me

“Immensity is within ourselves. It is attached to a sort of expansion of being that life curbs and caution arrests, but which starts again when we are alone.” Gaston Bachelard from The Poetics of Space


  1. awareness of immensities nourishes in the dry times, too.

  2. "True poetry is a function of awakening. It awakens us, but it must retain the memory of previous dreams." G.B. (from
    You awaken us with every post dear friend.

  3. and small clips of Irigaray, in which i read tonight may coincide:

    "Clearing the horizon. What shines is what is uncovered in the loss of excess. [...]

    Nothing there can be grasped with both hands, it filters through, a gift which slakes the whole body's thirst. [...] There is nothing to create a wall. Leaves, and trees, and birds, and sky, and grass all cross and brush each other continuously...
    If nothing happens, nothing is missing. If no sound is detached, the atmosphere remains full of music...
    And how can dazzlement be described, shown, put into writing. Not only the momentary flash of lightening, but lasting
    dazzlement. In which we bathe, or which we radiate."

  4. Just to say, the images and the work and the quote are very beautiful.

  5. that quote stopped me, along with the images. Thank you.

  6. threadeater@yahoo.com7:46 pm

    Gaston Bachelard's greatest work in my opinion. One book I would take with me in my "desert island ' backpack.


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