Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thread Drawings

sofa, thread drawing, 2011, by Amanda McCavour

Ned and I drove into Sudbury yesterday to see Home Away From Home, Amanda McCavour's exhibition at the GNO gallery. (up till March 31) I have seen her work before, in publications and at some galleries in Toronto - but not this particular installation. table, knick knack's, chair, thread drawings, 2011, Amanda McCAvour

She uses a sewing machine to draw into fabric that dissolves in water, building up images that are just layers of thread. "I am interested in the vulnerability of thread, its ability to unravel, and its strength when it is sewn together" she says in her statement. portrait of dog, thread drawing, 2010-11, Amanda McCavour

On her website, it was interesting to read that Amanda has just completed a residency in Dawson City.
Home away from Home, thread drawing 2010-2011, Amanda McCavour

Amanda and I will be exhibiting together this fall in the 18th Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork in the Alsace area of France. There is an article about that show, (curated by Sandra Reford), in a recent fibrequarterly.


  1. congratulations on being selected for such a prestigious exhibition

  2. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing Amanda's work. Amazing and so beautiful.

  3. "vulnerability of thread" very metaphoric - beautifully tended work. thank you. and good luck on the forthcoming exhibit.

  4. For me, not the vulnerability but the strength of thread. Silk worms. Spiders. This artist. Cocoons, webs, sculpture. The ability of thread to tie and bind, to secure, to envelop, to clothe, to construct. Amazing.

    P.S. what an honour to be invited to co-exhibit with Ms. McCavour. Congratulations!

  5. wow Judy! this is the most exciting use of Solvey I have seen yet, the scale & sculptural aspect of Amanda's work is very exciting, thank you for sharing this work !

  6. Thank you, Judy, for sharing such wonderful things and congratulations on your upcoming exhibition in France.

  7. Sandra has tried to include every province in Canada in the French exhibit. It is also coming to Canada in November.

    I am old enough to be Amanda's mother - and so am very pleased to be considered a 'contemporary' of hers in this venue.

    She has a bright future.

  8. Congratulations Judy!!!


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