Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Anna Torma's Bagatelles, on show in New Brunswick until April 9, 2012

Bagatelles is the name of a rose garden at the Bois de Boulogne, Paris. In 2007, I spent 4 months there as a recipient of Paris Studios Grant from the Canada Council.The formal gardens of France, my rural home in Baie Verte, several representations of historical gardens found in books are the subject matter of this series.
A Torma detail of above

I am interested in how Anna Torma exhibits this work so that we can see both sides of it. For more about Anna Torma, read Joetta Maue's review here and mine on modernist aesthetic here.
Haven, 2007, paper cut by Ed Pien

The artist installed this piece on a metal spiral like structure suspended from the ceiling. I love the light source inside. I find this inspiring too. detail of above

I was interested to read on his web site that Ed Pien went up to the Yukon School of Visual Arts to work with students.

Whenever I see large two sided pieces hung for viewing, I take note. This post is one of those notes.


  1. yes being able to see both sides is perfect; I love seeing the backside of stitches; what a pleasure to having been introduced to Anna Torma.

  2. this is incredible work and so inspiring. amazing stitching. so glad for the sharing of information

  3. Just stunning installation, and art cloth. Utterly amazing. I'm very fond of that see through thing....thanks for this post.


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