Friday, February 10, 2012

Time Passes

It's time for an update on the circle project.
Panel One was installed in the church Oct 30, 2011, but has now been taken down and stored so that the walls of the sanctuary can be cleaned.
Panel Two (pictured) is being hand quilted on the frame. It is nearly done!
The top of Panel Three (see here) is finished and will be go into the frame when number two comes out.
Work resumed on the fourth panel yesterday. It's main fabric is re-purposed wool blankets. See here for an idea of what it will look like. Yesterday Margaret brought in two hand crocheted lace tablecloths for me to use in my work. This makes six that I have received, unsolicited. I am NOT going to cut them up. The beauty, time, labour, and love in each one is palpable. I will use them some day.

What I'd love is to see ten thousand hand made tablecloths installed together.
(Yes, crazy inspired by the 10,000 white roses project seen on Christine's blog.)


  1. Anonymous1:33 pm

    yes! i visited that link yesterday from your blog. beauty.

    this project has been a continuous source of inspiration.

  2. OH MY - thanks for the link to the 10,000 Roses Project! Wow.

    Your own work is stunning, I love looking through your blog posts. I'm in awe of how large your hand stitched and hand quilted projects are. The impact of these beautiful pieces must be amazing in person!

  3. always the devotion is what is inspiring - the continuous thread. would be grand to collect all those crocheted items. i remember my mother would always do this kind of crocheting when ever she had a moment to herself, which wasn't often. that is an art form i think that might not be so "current" these days...but in the hands of a master wonderful work could be produced.

  4. There was also the colossal red and white quilt show at the American Folk Art Museum in NYC.

  5. Yes, Karen.

    I wanted to go to New York just to see that show.

    But didn't.

  6. I have a very large tablecloth in beige (?light brown?) crocheted by my grandmother. I cannot part with it, even though it is far too big for my dining table (even with the leaf in it) is best shown laid over a solid under-cloth...I would love to share this treasure with you but am uncertain how, as to photograph it requires waiting till it can be shown at its fullest, outside, on my lawn..

  7. the wool with the stitched circles and crosses is beautiful. What a fabulous group of ladies are working on this project and it is truly awesome ... as Serena says, a continuous source of inspiration to those of us who visit your blog.
    Jacky xox


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