Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fail Better

Ever tried
Ever failed
No matter
Try again
Fail again Fail better

This mantra by Samuel Beckett has been pinned to my studio wall for a long time. It's been a strange comfort over the years, through the struggle. Click here to see a three year old post using it.


  1. wonderful. it is only through failure that we achieve success.

  2. Inspiration grows from density when it comes to SB--I have been having a running conversation with a writer friend on that very theme. But, really, you "fail" so stunningly that I am renewed and refreshed by all your attempts, so that if they be failures, give me excess of them!

  3. how true, your work and his words, together

  4. Anonymous2:53 pm

    failure is a sign of growth.

  5. what a brave and beautiful post...

  6. i like that....... will pin it to my wall too!!

  7. I've been following your blog for a while and, besides loving the work itself, often find comments that resonate deeply. "Time is a material." sang aloud. Interesting that I have the Becket quote on the wall in the studio and have often put it up when I teach—printmaking—in other locations. Another connection—we had a cottage on Lake Kagawong for 10 years.
    Victoria (www.victoriacowan.ca)

  8. totally stealing this for my quote box. So true, so very true.


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