Tuesday, February 07, 2012

absolute pitch

un-picked my stars took away the backing
used linen thread, seed stitch just to see I'm looking for perfection from this cloth. A natural perfection, not forced.

Perfect in its imperfection.
I want absolute pitch. Also called perfect pitch.

Current research indicates that absolute pitch is a natural ability, present in nearly everyone. Like colour recognition.

Unrecognized, undeveloped, it is unlearned at a very early age.

And so we think of it as rare.


  1. Anonymous9:14 pm

    i think that's true of so much.

    i too strive for perfect pitch in what i do....sometimes to the point of annoyance. for myself and others.

  2. For me, perfection always has a flaw, and perfect pitch--well, I know it when I hear it, but not always when I see it.

  3. judy, you invite me to ponder, i like that.

  4. i like michelle's comment.
    but what if, perhaps what is unlearned is the acceptance of imperfection?

  5. Judy, This is a very interesting concept... and so true when we stop and think about it.. some things do come naturally.. it just takes quiet moments to spend with it and then it is recognized .. and you have it.

  6. in most cases, i believe we are capable of more than we imagine.

  7. an acceptance of who, where I am right now has brought to me a sense of being able to let go of wanting to be perfect, or make the perfect painting.....everyday I learn something new and therefore become more alive and at the same time less, less demanding I mean

  8. "un-picked my stars..."

    so much poetry in this, all of your work. thanks

  9. It is the cloth that I am listening to, more than myself.
    It is the cloth that I am trying to hear.

    It is the cloth that I am trying to allow to be perfect.
    To be absolute.

    Not me.

  10. is the cloth not already perfect. i believe you can only enhance its perfection. and you always seem to do that.

  11. I have to think about this some more.

    I love the imperfections in this cloth. When it hangs, it pulls on itself. It is so thin,it is see-through, yet it's also heavy. Has weight.

    All the edges have been torn and they stretch, but rather than tidy them up, I want them to be free, but also have self restraint.

    fragility emphasized.
    vulnerability more emotional
    a tenuous but obvious connection to humanity

    Thanks for every one's response - more to what I said than to the work. It's because I didn't show much of the work perhaps, because it's not ready yet.

    Still not.

  12. I'm sorry I misread you, I think I do understand what you mean; I aim to let the piece I 'm working on/with to let itself develop, make itself through me as it were and therefore it will come out as perfect, because it IS as it is meant to be.

  13. Anonymous9:49 am

    well i think maybe there's still a bit of YOU in it.

    not so much that the fabric is or isn't something

    but that you are there listening

    sorry if i misunderstood the first time too. i wrote to a friend yesterday that the internet has got to be one of the worst mediums for communication ever but yet still we try

  14. Your works are very delicate and intimate. Beautiful breathtaking work.


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