Thursday, January 12, 2012

thinking again

I've been thinking more about the Ontario Craft Council.

I'd say that the most important thing I got from being a member in those early years was the magazine, Ontario Craft, filled with stimulating images and text.

Looking at other people's artwork challenged me to work harder and get better.

Today, the internet connects artists to information, opportunities and images of beautiful and thought provoking art. I can't quite name what it is I'm feeling. Not isolation. Something else.


  1. I live on a tiny island, not isolated but certainly removed. The internet is a kind of lifeline. I often feel a "something else" ... I like that expression, it fits. Maybe it doesn't have to named, just acknowledged?
    Lovely stitching, Judy.

  2. hmmmmmmmm

    I live a long way from anywhere on the biggest island.... the internet has been a boon - connecting me to all manner of artists and makings and happenings that I wouldn't otherwise encounter (not even with lust-worthy art/craft mags) BUT I sometimes feel overloaded by the avalanche of information and visual clutter..... perhaps its a case of too much of good thing not being so good? (that's kinda what I feel anyway...)

  3. 'Tis the season for thinking me thinks. Hey, perhaps it's time for another retreat!

  4. As much as I love the internet and availability to just about anything, I have to say that it's hard to replace the connection made in person- to converse, to touch. I would love to touch your gorgeous quilts. They emit( from photo's) such energy.

  5. There's *too* much often and i have to step back once in awhile and go on an internet diet or i get "blogarhea" :)
    If i *hadn't* the internet when i did live in a more isolated spot, i may have gone (more) bonkers. That being said, a more selective menu is now on the plate!

  6. maybe touch, physicality. give and take is delayed. gratification on a certain level but absence of experience on another.

  7. I live in a rural hamlet off a minor highway in Central Alberta. When my television died a year ago, I decided not to replace it. CBC 2 and the Internet are my windows on the wider world. For a year I belonged to the Alberta Craft Council, and while I enjoyed the magazine, Alberta Craft, its focus (at least for 2011) was almost exclusively on Provincial funding cuts affecting artists, which I found bordering on whining.

    I manage on a pension and my savings, and while I don't begrudge people grants, I think we are more blessed in Canada to have the funding sources that we do have, and should be more appreciative and less like spoiled children about the situation -- and I let the ACC know this when they pursued me to renew....

  8. I have been feeling Community lately. I have been drinking in your images and others as well. Thank you for feeding my creative well.

    I don't drive so the internet is a portal which I can travel through.

    Sometimes I get sucked in and can't seem to get my own stuff done. I have to watch my procrastination skills as they are very honed in.

  9. rural life is what i want. the internet has opened my world in a way that i couldn't. community and retreat are possible.


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