Thursday, January 26, 2012


need to balance my life

need to contact my immediate family more,
need to lose weight and get fit,
need to keep my professional side in front,
need to do my schoolwork,
need to finish the circle project,
need to be a good wife,
need to travel more and see real art,
need to do my work.
what is my five year plan?
I haven't thought about one for ten years.


  1. Something about January, and the way February, the most difficult month, looms large on Winter's horizon--thoughts hover with demands and concerns. I feel it too, and the balance required spins me till I find a resting place, and the 'letting go' muscle restores me to inner peace. It is well to make plans so long as the plans don't make me.

    I love you.

  2. Lists. I hope you achieve most (if not all) of what's on yours.

  3. I second Mostly Turquoise's sigh.

  4. Much of that sounds familiar Judy. Hoping you achieve your balance.

  5. helen salo1:26 pm

    Must be the year. I'd swear you were peaking in my journal. Ha.
    I've been reflecting on "balance" myself.

  6. Seek Balance has been a motto of mine for more years than I can remember. That balance hides from us, yes?!
    I'm trying to ease up on myself.

  7. You arent alone.... The beginning of 2012 has left a lot of us feeling overwhelmed, all the things on the list feel like they are going to just gobble us up.
    Thinking of you Judy...just take bite size chunks and quietly stitch.

    Love Jacky xox

  8. Anonymous6:15 pm

    echo....pretty much everything written here.

    this too is a page i've written on more than one occasion.

  9. i get it. i share it. and the blasted weird winter makes it all the harder.

  10. I've never had a five year plan. Don't really even have a plan for the week!'The best laid plans of mice and men...' - and women - etc.

  11. that first photo is wonderful

  12. Oh Judy! Forget the "needs" (aka shoulds). Focus on the small manageable behaviours that bring you closer to balance i.e. a kind word for your husband, a daily walk or exercise bike ride, a short note to your daughters... The small things bring us to where we desire to go. Thinking of you! =)

  13. Here's a perfect poem for today from the writers almanac

  14. Balance........who does'nt need that?
    Love your foto, the cloth is balanced, it embraces itself.

  15. I love your list! esp. - "need to be a good wife, need to travel more and see real art, need to do my work". I also love the red cloth with the delicate piercings, the dyed pieces up for inspection & contemplation, and the mandala pieces with the crossing layers.


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