Monday, December 12, 2011

African Embroidery

Getting the house ready for Christmas has made me notice my collection of African embroidery. I learn much from handling these power cloths. All of the embroideries shown here were found at African Threads, an outlet for women's embroidery from South Africa that has affiliations with the Grandmother to Grandmother campaign for Aids relief. Two separate cow embroideries were sewn together to make a pillow cover. Both sides are the right side. I purchased this vibrant woman's face from Val Hearder of African Threads last February. She told me that the women were paid by the weight of their work. I usually make pillow covers by sewing the stitched squares to a piece of hand dyed silk velvet. This piece by Cynthia always stops me. Busy all day here. Getting ready.


  1. Anonymous10:01 pm

    here too. it's a busy time of year. love the embroideries thanks for sharing.

  2. the texture and colour on those is very inspiring--- and boy is that colour needed right now with all the snow flying!

  3. I'm about to get super busy too as I am so far behing with my Christmas preparations!!! Shopping to be done, food to be bought, gifts to be wrapped....I do love Christmas though.
    Your African embroideries are wonderful. I especially love the cows...beautiful embroideries.

    Sending you Christmas Cheer.

    Jacky xox

  4. It is so lovely to see your herd of Nguni cows, Judy. Nguni cattle are central to the life of the amaXhosa, who made these pieces. I too love having the stitches of other women in my house. Yes, power cloths.
    Wishing you and Ned peace and blessings. Val

  5. Anonymous10:32 am

    beautiful textiles -- I especially love the cows, but the one with caskets is heart-breakingly compelling. Thanks for the feathers, too (next post)... they are lovely.


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