Tuesday, November 29, 2011

room art

Hibiscus, Acrylic and latex paint on wall, (7 feet high) Sun, Acrylic and latex paint on ceiling, 8 feet diameter

We're noticing our daughters' paintings as we get their rooms ready for Christmas visits.


  1. isn't it wonderful to have those reminders of our children?!! my daughter painted all 4 walls of her room one summer, an iceberg, a city skyline, a tree....i loved it, she got tired of it and painted over it...good thing i have pix.

  2. helen salo3:24 pm

    My mother left the tree, etc. my sister and I painted on the walls of our room until she sold the house. Your daughters work is incredible,well worth treasuring and not painting over. I love to see parents encourage creativity whereever it lands.


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