Monday, November 07, 2011

mother and mothered

I cut up another piece of my own art yesterday and wrapped the parts around themselves. To see what these two pieces looked like before, click here and then here. something to do with mothering, maturing, separation


  1. Textiles with form like this really facinate me, these are beautiful.

  2. Running out but have to say--here is another thought provoking moment from you. The shapes are lovely as the patterns--Two cups 'runneth' over!

  3. Anonymous5:54 pm

    i honestly think you improved them and i don't typically think that when people start cutting things apart...

    well done..good eye and ear for understanding what they want and need

  4. mom you're a serial-collager.

    miss you.


  5. Anonymous5:08 am

    Separation and independence, yes. I agree with Serena; it can be difficult to turn something into something else, but these look as if they enjoyed the transformation. I also enjoyed following the trail of 'here's, a bit like reading a biography.

  6. That you cut, wrapped and transformed your work in such a way is truly brave and beyond creative. The pieces are magnificent!

  7. The new creations remind me of calla lilies -- lovely!

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