Thursday, November 17, 2011

construction site

We have a deck under re-construction. new front step, built a year ago

Ned has been working on it again this November, new south facing nook, where we've been having lunch in the sun

He's racing the weather. the second level underway

He's racing the light as it closes down earlier and earlier each day. third level underway

These photos are a progress report for our kids. my dye studio is on the deck

Today's photo. The old deck is still there. Next year he will remove and replace it.

Don't look underneath the deck. It's his workshop and garage for lawn machines.


  1. Wow--you live in a field stone house! That's the best. The Blue jay is huge and healthy, and Ned's craftsmanship (those steps) just so fine. I love the blueness of the light too in all the photos. Thanks for sharing. hope the weather holds off for the finish.

  2. Anonymous10:36 am

    lol. a bit like shoving things under the bed ;)

    i like your decks. adorable little built in seat. our front deck is actually built into our house...

    large long slats of super thick wood jut into and run across the ceiling of our basement.

    our former realtor talked about how sturdy and permanent it makes the deck, so that only the small 2x4's would ever need replacing.

    i'd love to learn to do construction on houses and such. very much like quilting

  3. a man must have his space, though us women usually have more.

    so will the deck wrap around the house? so some may run in circles?

    here in the pacific northwet, a south facing spot needs to be enclosed, darn it!!

  4. Love the jay!! So blue!
    You're a lucky girl to have a man that can do all these fantastic things with his hands ;-)
    That little corner to sit in looks very good: outside with a cup of something warm in autumn (winter) and spring, and something cool in summer ...
    Hope your "workman" is having the time he needs to finish ...

  5. oh my goodness...what a fabulous home you have. Is that bird a blue jay? I've never seen one. What a fantastic colour.

  6. Yes, we have two blue jays who come every morning. Sometimes a third.

    Also chickadees and squirrels fight for the same seeds.

    No the deck will not wrap all the way around - just on two sides. South and East.

    Thanks for your encouragement. I have passed it on to Ned.

  7. AMAZING!!! Cannot wait to see it in real life! Nice one, dad!

  8. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Good Looking! Like the both of your builds! Looking forward to winter break on the island. Andrew

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