Friday, August 05, 2011

padded satin stitch

In this post, a tutorial for one of the techniques used in the third panel of the circle project. padded satin stitch First draw an outline of your shape. Here evenly spaced dots are drawn with ball point amongst the offset pattern of factory stitched dots. With chain stitch and single strand of silk or cotton floss, cover the drawn line with embroidery. Continue with chain stitch until you have completely fill in the shape. With the same thread, begin to cover the chain stitch with false satin stitch. Go back and forth across the shape until closely packed. Each dot takes about 20 minutes to do. The original design on paper has changed slightly.


  1. your padded satin stitch is so interesting. i will try it. just love that textured cloth.

  2. so interesting to see the how inside the what.

  3. Wonderful tutorials Judy...I love to see how things are done!
    Those satin stich cirles look lovely. I tried some a while back and could not get them to look like yours...I now know that I needed to chain stitch underneath.
    Thanks for sharing. I will play around with this again.

    Love this cloth...takes a lot of patience (and organisation), but the result are beautiful.

    Jacky xox

  4. Goodness, 20 mins. a dot. Now I REALLY know I'm a painter and not a stitcher!!

  5. 20 minutes times ????? ! Wow.
    Great Tute Judy.

  6. Re;- your previous post. Don't give up! these panels are absolutely wonderful. I can almost feel the peace they generate just from your blog.the rythm of the stitch, the contemplation in executing each dot, makes the stitcher one with the cloth and the spirit. I only wish I could see it all in real life.

  7. Anonymous10:22 am

    20 minutes.
    i can believe it
    talk about labor of love.


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