Thursday, August 18, 2011


hand quilting, linen thread

"by labour we set the will of our dreams in motion"
Tom Dean
I was so focused on my own stitching, that the only photos I took at the circle project yesterday were of the beautiful cards Marian makes from tiny pressed flowers. Next week we are bringing African fabrics to look at. All welcome, Thursdays 9am - 6 pm. See sidebar.


  1. Any blood been drawn yet?!

  2. lovely stitching. beautiful cards.

  3. i can visualize you hard at work... such beautiful cards and delicate work..

  4. Anonymous10:59 am

    love pressed flowers. i also love african fabrics...i have some charm squares and i've just never been quite sure what direction to take them the bold coloring and ethnic designs...michael always tells me they're very mathematical...some of the circular patterns and motifs

  5. wow. fine cards, such love.

  6. i find line thread so different, it has no give to it... and it cuts into the cotton cloth over time, have you used it before?

  7. Jude
    I am using linen thread that is thick enough to knit with. I bought two balls and a skein of hemp in a knitting store.

    I have used linen thread before - a linen embroidery floss, two strands at a time, and it worked well as a quilting thread.

    For the piece pictured in this post, I am using one length of cotton quilting thread to every length of linen thread. The linen thread is done in a back stitch with a large needle - looks like a big stitch on the front and a solid line on the back of the piece.

    It is harder to work with than the cotton thread, as it doesn't slide through the cloth as easily - but I love the effect.


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