Thursday, July 21, 2011

Night Garden from Dryden Ontario

I saw Michele Coslett Goodman's Night Garden exhibition at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery on Wednesday. A large room made into a realistic and fantastic life sized garden using old rubber inner tubes. The use of discarded materials in such a sensuous and provocative manner affected me on so many levels. I truly hope that this exhibition will show again in a larger center and that this artist from Dryden will be appreciated by curators in say, Toronto.


  1. Fantastic! Tyres and inner tubes are used quite a lot in art over here. What ever is in excess, lying around in rubbish dumps always finds its way into art.

  2. lynda Howells9:17 am

    same with me...this exhibition looks amazing. thanks for sharing Judyx lynda

  3. There is something about metal art...

  4. Anonymous7:39 pm


  5. Thank you for sharing your discoveries.


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