Sunday, May 08, 2011

she is who she wants to be

These last few days I have been readying some new work for framing. The Perivale gallery opens on the long weekend of May, and I will be exhibiting some of my wrapped clover stitchings. The work is mounted on 300 lb watercolour paper by piercing holes in the paper before stitching the upper edge of the fabric to it. Homage to Louise Bourgeois, machine stitch on silk, hand stitch on wool blanket, wrapped clover, 16" x 16", 2011

April's home for a week, and we went to Mindemoya yesterday to see Gloria at Omega Picture Framing. Light House, hand stitch with indigo dyed threads and fabrics, 25" x 10", 2011 "and she will be happy,
because she is who she wants to be"

excerpt from the Mother's Day poem April wrote for me, age 14

Hugs to all mothers, enjoy your day today.


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Beautiful blue piece!!!

Heather said...

Light House is a gorgeous piece. Well, so is most everything you do, but that blue is transcendent.

Karen said...

I love the Louise Bourgeois piece and that you are mounting it on watercolour paper. What is the scale? I'm intrigued!