Tuesday, May 17, 2011


April's making a quilt from her indigo dyed fabrics. She worked on it quite a bit last week when she was home. I have to admit that it pleased me to see her working this way.

We talked a bit about that.

I always worry about the power I may wield just because I'm a mother.

Anyway, I am pleased and v proud of her. She's young and she knows that.
She is not afraid to ask questions.

She's curious, but she has her own strong ideas. She also gave some time to the circle project on Thursday. Thank you sweet heart.


  1. I love the way daughter's do what their mothers do...and how they rebel also!

  2. Nice work there, little sister ;)

  3. first things first..love the blue nail varnish! Love that she seems so happy in her work, which also looks great. You sound to me to have the "mother" bit just right Judyxx lynda


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