Sunday, May 01, 2011

Leaving Alabama

It's good to be home and get back on track with my many unfinished projects. I love stitching and hope to finish the above piece over the next few weeks. I was happy to see that Oona was stitching when we were visiting her in Anchorage last week. Like all our kids, she is concerned about environmental issues and lives her beliefs out loud. When we were there, she was making trousers for her four year old by tracing a pattern from his favourite sweat pants, planning to sew a camp quilt from her husband's recycled worn out cotton pants and recycling his cotton knit polo shirts into clothing for herself. She has been taking Natalie Chanin's two books out of the library and using the patterns and inspirational stitch lessons they contain as guidance. I left my copy of the Alabama Stitch Book for her to keep (can't find the patterns, but I'm sure they are around somewhere. I'll mail them.) All of the beautiful photos in this post are by Robert Rausch and are from that first book except for the top and bottom photos of my own stitched batik. I would recommend The Alabama Stitch Book as well as the newer Alabama Studio Style for those who are interested in making garments with hand stitch. Natalie Chanin will be the speaking at the Surface Design Conference in June. Click here to visit her website. "A handmade item stitched by someone who loves what they do has an unmistakably soulful quality.

There is a satisfaction in knowing that you are creating something for the next generation. And the next. "

Natalie Chanin


  1. The stitched Batik is gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous9:23 pm

    i'll have to look for these wonderful books.

    i adore all your kids work that they show online.

    a very gifted family

  3. Judy,

    I don't know what the dark-blue/white work will be, but it looks intriguing and attractive already to me!! I saw the 'Alabama'-books in a Barnes & Noble shop last year, decided to wait some more, but now I think I have to order, the projects look too inviting... Thank you for posting about them, and about recycling as I am practising that a lot too!
    Regina, SXM

  4. I just love, love, love this blue, blue spiral.

  5. This love for sewing is the best legacy you are leaving...

  6. I received my copy of "Alabama Stitch Book" in the mail today. I remember you showing me your copy a summer or two ago, and I was intrigued. Now I have a plan for summer stitching. Thank you. Jane


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