Tuesday, May 24, 2011

big decision

I am trying to improve the crescent shape in the Earth Ark panel. I've been procrastinating about this, but no more. Click here to see what it used to look like. I started by removing the darker gold outline. I encourage myself. Textile art is just as tentative as drawing or painting. If I'm not happy with something, I take it out and start again. Just like in a drawing you would erase, or in a painting, you would paint something a different colour. If I couch white linen damask around the circle's perimeter, I think everything will improve. Jay and his fiancee were here for the weekend, and put in a few stitches. Erika (above) is the 80th person to work on these quilts. Our son, Jay, is the 81st. There are large gestures. There are small marks.

The process is slow, but it seems fast. It seems a whirl.

Each decision we make creates who we are.

Some are big decisions, others are daily and repetitive.


  1. Beautiful quilt and a beautiful sentiment behind this lovely post. penny

  2. Oh, yes, I like the white. I don't think removing and replacing something in a quilt is just like erasing and replacing a drawn line! WAY more work!

  3. i never thought about couching that way. i rarely leave comments here... but i come often..read every post. i learn so much here, judy. you are an inspiration. i have loved watching your progress over the years with your education and with your beautiful work. you are a scholar as well as an artist. i am also a lover of louise bourgoise and agnes martin.

  4. beautiful philosophy there

  5. Anonymous10:53 pm

    i love this.
    it's great.
    and you're right about habits and choices.

  6. Anonymous3:26 am

    It's just magical, Judy. Breathtaking. Or maybe that should be breathgiving. I love what you say in the earlier post about quilts giving.

  7. same here,but i have grown to love the process, the back and forth. it is harder to work large when perfecting a curve.

  8. gorgeous and so peaceful to look at and work on l would thinkxx


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