Monday, March 07, 2011

making and thinking

I found these images of a piece I made in 2005. I remember wanting to use the materials themselves. The taffeta, journal papers, beads, and embroidered french knots enticed me. It's name, Secret Garden, comes from the use of those private journal papers, template papers for the applique and pieceing that were left as part of the work.
The theory is that we each have two sides - a side we present to the world, and an inner side, much more interesting. I can't remember which came first - the making or the thinking.

Maybe they came at the same time.


  1. yes Yes YES!We are so much more interesting on the flip side. Why do we hide/dumb it down for those who really care to know about the inside?!
    Love it.
    Love you,

  2. WHOA!!!!!!!! Just about sucked the monitor in with that first intake of OOOOH!!!!!!!!!
    I have no erudite thought on this one, i think i'm finally in a Do or be Damned phase--which means inside and outside are one---thank you for sharing this---sometimes a visceral response is better than an articulation

  3. I haven't met a Judy Martin creation that I didn't love!

  4. what do we hide, what do we expose, what to we chang? i have periodically purged (usually by fire) things from my life. no regrets.

  5. I keep coming back to this post judy..this work is tiful Thank you for sharing it with us again. It is also an interesting conceptx lynda


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