Monday, February 28, 2011

beauty as entry

I've been dyeing with procion mx these last two winter weeks. The colour hit has cheered me up v much. I needed green. And red. Today in the studio I returned to the figures - forms - whatever they are, that I have made from wrapped birch branches and fabric and dressed them for a wedding. I'm not sure. I'm following my heart here. I want to marry beauty with what a lot of people may think is shocking or disturbing imagery.
If we can allow ourselves not to turn away, we will come to meet this unknown.
I mean it in a way of marvel, of wonder.
If you can allow yourself wonder, you can allow yourself to see.

Diana Mitchener, photographer


  1. Anonymous10:23 pm

    love the quote

    and it's always best to follow ones heart.

  2. hello. I am checking out all your blogs-- they are all wonderful - don't know how you keep up because I have a hard time just with my one blog. You have some beautiful hand dyed colors here.

  3. I love following your thought processes Judy.

  4. Beautiful colours for a grey day here in England. Thank you!

  5. Beautiful, rich red... and, two of my favorite things: a spiral and a bird silhouette. I like the quote at the end, something strong in that.

  6. LOVE it allxxxthe colours really cheered me up on this very dull, grey day over here in UK. lyndaxx

  7. Keep on following your heart.
    By the way I'm reading Poemcrazy right now. fell in love with it from the opening sentence!

  8. As I told you in another post, this objects intrigue me. Do you mean they have branches on the inside? Really interesting!

  9. I dont know what happened to my previous comment????

    I've been away and missed your wonderful posts....these colours you have dyed are gorgeous...colour makes my heart sing.

    Sending you a colourful hug.

    Jacky xox


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