Monday, November 08, 2010

November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month

November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month. It is every woman's fundamental right to live in safety and security in her home and community. The directors of the Manitoulin Family Resources contacted me last week and asked for some images for a media campaign. These are just a sample of what I sent them by email. All these from 2008. I deal with love which is our fate,
twisted thing,
the best and worst thing,
the junction point between everything and nothing,
the oxymoric knot of all existence,
love which makes gods and cattle meat of us

but never with hate

Helene Cixous


  1. you have done a terrific job, specially like the last two.

  2. I love all the work you chose for the media campaign. This is a cause that needs all the media it can. I noticed (as I used to work for The Body Shop U.S.) That Canada does alot of awareness for women abuse prevention. Nice to see your contribution, you do wonderful work!

  3. Anonymous8:03 pm

    definitely meaningful.

  4. Anonymous3:48 am

    A marvellous post, thank you. The images say just as much as the words.


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