Monday, November 01, 2010

boys will be bees

Oona sent me some photos of the grand boys in their costumes.

I know that there are a few out there who will enjoy seeing these. Shall share.

Everett was a bee this year.

13 month old Jack wore the baby gorilla costume that Oona made for E in 2007.

Well done on both of these, Oona.

Our son, Jay, won a trip for two to Ireland for the costume he built of a rescued Chilean miner. The contest was sponsored by Guinness I believe.

A Trip to Ireland! I am totally serious.

That is fantastic, Jay.

And I am so happy that Everett likes to wear the dinosaur costume I made for him last year when I was in Alaska.

He wore it to the grocery store.


  1. too cute! and ireland, my gosh!

  2. Thanks Mom :)
    I am totally thrilled for Jay (and Erika too, I'm sure!)

  3. They are adorable, Judy. You must miss them very much.

  4. awesome!
    we had a tinkerbell and a winnie the pooh.

    i think the baby chose purely based off the feel of the cloth.

    future quilter
    i'm sure.

  5. Way to go Jay! It looks very good.
    Fun today at the art project! Linda

  6. I was wondering if you were going to go into the archives and pull out a photo of the butterfly costume you made me when i was young!

    And yes, creativity paid off this year! Ireland with a possible stopover in Manchester!


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