Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Absolutely Mysterious

I lay the completed 'mended planet' circle on the grass below our deck yesterday so that I could photograph it from above. The background is not pieced yet, what is seen in the photo is the cotton lawn foundation fabric. It looks so ethereal, magical, elsewhere.

Liturgical art helps us observe ritual.
Why do we need ritual?

To celebrate life passages. Birth. Death Marriage
To honour daily rituals. waking. eating. loving
To address what we don't know. spiritual things
And what we are anxious about. fear


  1. Anonymous1:34 pm

    echoing Mnemosyne

  2. i also like how liturgical cloth echos the spirit of the times it was birthed.

  3. Beautiful. The need for ritual is constant I think...our beliefs may change and evolve...it doesn't really matter what we believe, but the loss of the everyday as well as the big rituals of life, leaves us poorer...and a little less able to cope with those great changes that are inevitable. Perhaps we need new rituals.

  4. Ritual is becoming even more important to me as I get older and time is shorter or so it seems. This piece is full of meditative time and rhythm, lovely.

  5. Glorious...thank you for sharing your liturgical journey. you are so right, we are all rooted in ritual.

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  7. Stunning and seems like it has its own energy halo!

  8. This was so amazing to see that I've looked back through your Manitoulin Circle Project posts to try to understand better. I'm not sure I understand enough, but the work is very inspiring. The spirituality of it would be recognizable whether hung in a religious location or not. I would love to see this in real life someday.


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