Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This can be understood

The colours in this quilt took a long time to be.

The fabrics are rayons and cottons dyed with procion mx fibre reactive dyes.

Some are overdyed commercial prints.

They were hand stitched and embellished.

After stitching, everything was dyed again, this time red procion mx.

The layers of dye have made colours that are un-namable but for some reason, they touch us.

I photographed the crosses on the front of the quilt, as a way to say fare well.

It was sold just after the local art tour. For a full view of the entire quilt, please click here.

Art is not about beauty!
Art is about exultation.
Art is about absolute emotion.
Art is about self evident authenticity.

Barnett Newman


Barbara said...

This is beautiful !!!
Very best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I'm sure its new owner will treasure this beautiful work of exultation and emotion.

ArtPropelled said...

I enlarged the full quilt to have a closer look and it really is a spectacular piece.

Jacky said...

All that dyeing and over dyeing...what an amazing quilt. Loved taking a look at the finished quilt. Such a work of art and that backing is truly wonderful...aahhhh sold. That must be hard sometimes.

Jacky xox

arlee said...

oh to touch these pieces and the whole!

Monika said...

That quote hits the bulls-eye home for me...

monika said...

That quote hits the bulls-eye home for me...