Saturday, July 17, 2010

stands by my man

I'd like to showcase some of the display stands that my husband, Ned, has made for me over the years. I'm using them this weekend in my studio (turned into a gallery) for the Manitoulin Art Tour.

This is the oldest, made in 1991 for an exhibition I had in the Thunder Bay Art Gallery. I needed a stand that could hold an embroidered panel and asked him for something like what used to hold towels in public bathrooms. You might remember them, they held cloth that one could tug at and a clean area would be revealed? I've used it many times since for showing pieces that have two sides. (like this stitching)

He made this presentaton shelf/table for an exhibition of millennium journal in 2004. I'm using it this year to present my heart shaped boxes.

In 2006 I exhibited quilts at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. This shelf is perfect for stashing folded quilts. (He also made one that show-cased three hung up large quilts, not shown here) This is his most recent achievement, completed for this year's art tour. It is for flipping through unframed work.

Mary Ellen visited today and told me she loved April's etsy shop.
Ebullient Bonnie Kogos also visited and I am still recovering from her enthusiasm. She promised to contact me in November for an article.


  1. those stands are exquisite, congrats to your other half. It must be lovely to have a man that is handy available. My other half folds after openeing a flatpack box!
    I have also purchased a copy of the book you mentioned-lovely to see your work in it and there are quite a few other (uk) artists I know featured in it as well.

  2. OH my, the flat display with woven
    strings is lovely! He has his own
    creative mind, doesn't he? My Bob
    is making a warping board for me. Brave for him as he's never seen
    one in use.

  3. Ooooh, do you loan him out?

  4. Not too shabby ned! It's going to be hard to live up to those masterpieces. You'll have to lend me your plans. And of course, the art is nice to judy!


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